As some of you might know, one of our founders from Knotz spent ~1.5 months working in a bridal studio to get first hand experience of the industry and getting to know you brides and grooms better. While she was there, she noticed a number of mistakes brides make on their first appointment and decided that it would be helpful to share more with everyone here! So here are the top 10 things that you should take note of during your appointment ❤

1. Think about your entourage

Sure, all your friends are really excited about you getting married. But having too many voices may cloud your judgement and prevent you from picking a gown you truly love. Try to keep it small with 1 or 2 people whose opinions really matter to you.

2. Bring strapless bras/nipple stickers

Unless you’re looking for a gown with thick straps or sleeves, always bring along nipple stickers so that you can see the full effect of how the dress looks like on your body. Many gowns also have sheer backs or open backs so stickies are the way to go (although most gowns would have sewn in padding).

3. Bring nude or seamless undies

Say no to bright neon pink underwear and VPL. If you like the mermaid/trumpet style, always bring along nude coloured seamless underwear.

4. Bring some accessories

Unless you’re planning to go bare on your wedding day, always remember to bring some bling that you plan to wear on that day to see the full effect and how it pairs with your dress.

5. Take off your shoes before entering

Don’t embarrass yourself by walking in with your shoes on. Most bridal studios in Singapore require you to remove your footwear as it might dirty the floor, which leads to soiled dresses especially when the trains are long.

6. Don’t be pressured into making a hasty decision

We know how important it is to get everything perfect for your big day. It’s okay to take a little more time to think before committing to that dress or package. Many times the staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have before you commit and decide to sign on with them.

7. Make sure you know what you’re getting

Before signing on that dotted line, be sure to clarify what exactly is included with your purchase. Bridal studio packages involve many components, and sometimes there could be hidden costs for different tiers of dresses, dress alteration, dry cleaning, make-up add-ons or trials, or the number of photos from the shoot that will be given to you.

8. How do you know it’s “The One”

From experience, if you go to a bridal shop and try on 5 gowns and love at least 3 out of 5. You’ve got yourself a winner. Every bridal shop has its own style and branding. Some focus on the princess, super bling style while others might go for a more clean and minimalist look. If the overall style of the gowns are what you’re going for, then THAT bridal studio is THE ONE.

9. Always ask before you take a picture

Many bridal studios don’t allow photos mainly because they’ve been burned by some people taking in-house designs/designer gowns and sending the picture to China or Vietnam to get it replicated at a fraction of the price. So always ask before you take a snap of yourself in the gown!

10. Be respectful of the gowns

As you know, renting a gown is not cheap. And the reason behind that is because these gowns are not cheap to begin with. In-house gowns generally cost 50-100 man hours to design, conceptualize, and make. Adding all these cost plus material cost, you’re looking at around $2,000-$4,000 per gown. And not to even mention studios that carry designer gowns that start from $5,000 all the way to $20,000. So bottom line, gowns are their bread and butter (and in-house designs are their babies) so please do not destroy them or chuck them on the floor when you’re changing out of them. Bridal studios would be super grateful if you to put it back on the hanger before you change into the next one.