Our mission at Knotz is to make it simpler and better for you when you’re picking wedding vendors. You can be assured that all the vendors on our platform have been strictly vetted by our team, to make sure that they are reputable businesses who provide good quality and service.

It may seem a bit odd to browse gowns or photography albums without knowing the name of the vendor. But think about it – style is very subjective, and you should be picking your gown or photographer based on the one whose images speak to you. This isn’t like buying a car, where you might favour a certain brand because people talk about it being very reliable. Maybe you’ve heard good things about a certain bridal studio – but you shouldn’t force yourself to get a gown from them if their offering just doesn’t match your style.


We take user feedback very seriously, and we encourage all users to write about their experiences after meeting vendors through our platform. For now, we will only be publishing the star rating for vendors, and there’s good reason for this. Have a look at the user ratings for your favourite restaurant – see what people say about them on Facebook, Google reviews, TripAdvisor, HungryGoWhere, etc. Even though it might be a restaurant that gives you consistently great food and service, there will always be people who have bad things to say.

Whenever we receive negative feedback about one of our vendors, our team will conduct a thorough follow up with both the customer and the vendor, to understand what happened. Vendors will be given warnings for errant behaviour, and we will not hesitate to remove them from the Knotz platform if they continue to fall short of the service level that we expect.

Again, we want to assure you of the quality level for every vendor on Knotz. If you think that any of them fell short, please let us know!