We get it. You want your wedding to be trendy and Instagram-worthy. Sometimes there’s the expectation of friends and family to do certain things on the big day. But while some practices and customs are really meaningful, here are some that we think people should think a bit more carefully about.

Warning: controversial content ahead!

wedding calligraphy and cards

Cursive writing that no one can read

It used to be just death metal bands that used fonts which were deliberately hard to read. Nowadays it seems like everyone has jumped on the cursive bandwagon for that personal touch, but the results aren’t always good.

Wedding gatecrashing
Photo of gatecrashing by our partner photographer. Click to view full portfolio now!

Extreme gatecrashing games

Apart from the groomsmen involved, most people enjoy gatecrashing games because of the excitement and laughter they bring. But sometimes it feels like things get a bit out of hand. Mixing up nasty concoctions is lots of fun for the jie mei, but it wouldn’t be so fun if the groom starts his married life with a stomach upset. Or if a brand new suit/shirt gets ruined because of humiliating and physically challenging tasks.

We think it’s better to keep things clean and classy. If you’re still keen to inject some fun and games into the proceedings, check out our ideas for more humane gatecrashing games here.

Wedding gifts and favours

Useless wedding favours

Everyone probably has a drawer full of items from various weddings they’ve attended – aroma diffusers, measuring spoons, soft toys, etc. Or maybe you’ve just thrown them all away. It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone. But back in the old days, couples used to give each attendee a slice of the wedding cake (yes, in those days the big cake they cut during the dinner was 100% real!). Give your guests a sweet treat to take home and eat the next day, or a useful item for the home like a coaster, butter knife/cheese knife, etc.

Wedding actual day photography
Photo of an intimate wedding venue and setting. Click to view full portfolio now!

Standard format banquet dinners

Hotel banquet dinners are expensive. Not just that, the format is almost always the same – first march-in, servers bring in the first dish accompanied by cheesy music and lights, then another 7 courses interspersed with a second march-in, champagne popping, thank-you speeches… you know the drill. Consider a more unusual or intimate venue for your celebration, or check out our article on how to make your wedding dinner (or lunch) more interactive and memorable for your guests. Don’t feel pressured to follow the same sequence that everyone else does! If you’ve never been a fan of the boisterous yam seng, then get your emcee to lead everyone in a more restrained Western-style toast. If you’re on a tight budget, skip the second march-in and stick to just one outfit!

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