What is Knotz?

Knotz is a virtual wedding planner that helps couples save time and money with bundles, promos, content and virtual tools. We’re constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries for the wedding industry in Singapore.

  • Sep 2019 – First to introduce the virtual wedding planner concept
  • Jan 2020 – First to organise an online wedding fair (Knotz 2-become-1 sale)
  • May 2020 – Rolled out Knotz Bundles, an innovative concept which combines the best of ‘a la carte’ vendor selection with the convenience of package deals, plus added protection from Knotz in the event of vendor default
  • Jul 2020 – Launched ‘Speed ROM’ event on 10/10/20, with 7 couples solemnised in back-to-back sessions
  • Oct 2020 – First to resume physical wedding fairs, with safe distancing measures in place
  • Aug 2022 –

A message from the founders

We’re just like you – when we started Knotz, we were in the midst of planning our own wedding, so we totally get that wedding planning can be a very tedious and challenging process. So we’ve built a platform, and an ecosystem of amazing partner vendors – all to help you save time and money while putting together the perfect wedding.

We’ve also written a whole bunch of articles and guides which we hope will be useful for you. We saw that a lot of the content on other platforms was 1) too commercial, 2) not very well-written, and/or 3) not applicable to the local context. The articles we’ve written include a lot of stuff that people in certain industries don’t want you to know (e.g. dirty little secrets about the diamond and gemstone industry), and some that they actually DO want you to know (e.g. things you should know before engaging a photographer).

Lastly, we make a lot of jokes about Bridezilla – we’ve actually made her our mascot. We hope to send a message that it’s okay to get upset about certain things, but we also hope that Knotz will help you avoid most of the common pitfalls leading up to your big day. And if it’s not the end of the world, laughing about it might just be the best thing to do.

With love,

Anna & Evan