Find a photographer you can click with

It’s very important to have 默契 (a good connection) with your photographer. Someone you can talk to comfortably and share your life with them. For example, how you both met, what you do for a living, favourite hobbies, food, travel destinations and so on. A photographer who can relate to what you want and create the same vision is the one you want to engage.

Cafe pre-wedding photoshoot
Pre-wedding photoshoot at a cafe. Click on image to see full portfolio.

Have a theme that represents your relationship

Casual photoshoots are getting more and more popular now.

Did you meet your partner at KFC? Why not do a photoshoot in KFC with a bucket of chicken to relive that moment. Did you meet each other at a pet shelter? Try doing a photoshoot where you and your partner are surrounded with puppies and animals. You get the drill.

Pre-wedding photoshoot
Casual pre-wedding photoshoot. Click on image to see full portfolio.

Be comfortable

The camera never lies. If you’re not comfortable being in front of the camera, the end result will show. So try, as much as possible, to ignore the fact that there is a camera following you around and taking pictures of you and your partner.

Pro-tip! Get used to the feeling of being in front of the camera by taking more pictures of yourself. Try different poses to know where your good side is, and see what works for you. Even better, get your partner to do it with you!

graduation pre wedding photoshoot
Graduation pre-wedding photoshoot. Click on image to see full portfolio.

Don‘t be afraid to make silly faces

Sometimes the best photos are the ones where you laugh and move naturally. Don’t be afraid to make silly faces to each other. It’s always better to laugh from the heart than to smile robotically.

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