Partner Feature: Collaro Classic Menswear

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Collaro was founded with a goal to make it easier for all men to own quality custom menswear garments. Their search for quality has taken them around the globe: Australian Mother of Pearl buttons, durable Japanese interlining and a curated range of international fabrics.

Drawing influence from classic menswear philosophy, they adopt traditional tailoring techniques in the construction of each garment to help you make a statement with clean lines, gentle curves and subtle details. They focus on crafting custom garments that will accompany you for many years to come.

Collaro grey jacket, side profile
A classic combination paired with a Shantung silk tie

They believe that fit and comfort go hand in hand, and as such, Collaro’s garments are never too slim. They aim to flatter your physique, and give you the comfort you need for the daily grind.

Collaro’s suits come with a high level of hand finishing – all the buttonholes are hand-sewn, and that includes the ones on the cuff. There is also a “Milanese” buttonhole on the lapel, a tightly sewn buttonhole which adds to the overall flair of the suit. Decorative pick stitching are also found on both the outside and inside of the suits. 

Collaro blue suit with Milanese buttonhole
Observe the Milanese buttonhole on the lapel, as well as the pick stitching on the edge of the lapels

As for their shirts which sits beneath your jacket, you can expect the same level of quality. Their shirts are adorned with mother of pearl buttons, which are shanked (elevated) for easy buttoning. The inside of the shirt matter as much as the outside – neatness and precision of the stitches are key elements of their shirts. 

Journey with them, and they to build a wardrobe you can call your own, one that’s ready for life and all its occasions.

Collaro linen shirt and trousers
For those who are a bit more adventurous, consider a different look with linen shirts and trousers

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If you like quality custom suits with a high level of hand finishing, Collaro’s 2-piece suit starts from $890. For more pictures and details, visit their site here:

Exclusively for Knotz users – just mention this promo and receive a tailored shirt free of charge when you get a wedding suit from Collaro (and they may even throw in another small surprise).

Collaro white shirt
At the intersection of value, comfort and wrinkle-resistance, Collaro’s white shirt has helped satisfied grooms look their best