If you know someone who’s getting married soon, you’ve probably heard about the intensive health and skincare regimen that they’re keeping, to make sure they look their best on the big day! While it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, there are also some aesthetic treatments available to get you looking bright and radiant.

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The quick fix: Facial thread lift

A minimally invasive alternative to the traditional surgical facelift, thread lifts are done in one quick session with little to no side effects. Thread lifting tackles sagging skin by providing immediate lifting, as well as stimulating collagen production that helps restore firmness on your face over a period of time.
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The celebrity look: Skin Boosters treatmentskin boosters treatment

Wanna have smooth and radiant facial skin like your favourite K-pop idols and Taiwanese actresses? The secret is Skin Boosters treatment, commonly known as 水光针 or collagen injection. This is a package for 4 treatment sessions, ideally with 3-4 weeks between each session.
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Repairing skin damage: Korean Rejuran Healer Package

If you’re looking to reverse the effects of sun, ageing, or acne, Rejuran Healer has powerful rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties that help with skin healing, regeneration and renewal. It is also ideal for optimising the results of other anti-ageing treatment such as Skin Boosters 水光针 treatment, Korean Thread Lift treatment, wrinkles treatment and dermal fillers.
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Dazzling white smiles: Take-Home Teeth Whitening treatment

Been a while since you sat in the dentist’s chair? This easy and convenient kit will help you smile with renewed confidence. The dental practitioner from Healthway Dental will supervise the process of custom building your bleaching tray per the mould of your teeth, which you can then take home and use at your convenience.
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Zap away those scars: Acne/pigmentation laser treatment

Using the latest medical laser technology, Discovery PICO is a new cosmetic procedure that treats visible pigments on the skin, without affecting any of the surrounding tissue. Unlike previous generations of lasers, Discovery PICO has a shortened time of contact, helping to minimise heat generated and side effects. This is important in Singapore, where the scorching sun can aggravate complications post-laser.
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PICO lasers can also be used for tattoo removal. Click here for more info

Advanced body contouring: Fat freezing fat freezing treatment

Fat freezing treatment reshapes the body using a non-invasive cooling procedure that targets only fat cells and leaves surrounding tissue unharmed, making it a perfect alternative to liposuction without potentially risky surgical invasive treatment.

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Look great together: Radiance chemical peel (couple session)

One of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world, the chemical peel was commonly performed in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome to help people achieve smoother skin. Nowadays, a chemical peel procedure is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic treatments. Radiance Chemical Facial Peel aims to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface, allowing new, healthy skin cells to grow back, and to create smoother-looking skin. It is said to be one of the safest and most effective aesthetic treatment available.

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