Photobooths are no different from any other wedding vendor. There are good ones, and there are bad ones. With low barriers to entry, it’s easy for someone to buy some equipment and run it as a weekend business. But a good photobooth vendor should do a lot more than that. They should become part of your whole wedding experience, and not just be a mere service provider. So what exactly separates good photobooth vendors from the rest?


Freelance photobooth providers are attractive because of their low prices. However, when it comes to actual day services, you always want the assurance that your vendor will deliver as promised. We’ve heard many horror stories about vendors taking too many bookings (especially for busy periods), and not having the resources to manage all their events. Worse still, some become unresponsive after confirming the booking and taking your deposit.

With any wedding vendor, it’s important to find ones who maintain good communication, from the time you contact them until your big day (and even after that, in some cases). They should also be established businesses with proper systems to handle their customer obligations.

FunPics photobooth staff service

On-site service

Aside from proper equipment (backdrop, props, camera and printer), having good photobooth staff can make a huge difference too! You wouldn’t want a passive photographer who thinks it’s just his/her job to sit there and press the shutter. Well-trained staff will interact with the guests, manage the queue of those waiting to take photos, and make sure everyone is happy with the photos!


When in doubt, always do your homework and check up reviews of the vendor online. Although sometimes even the best vendors can’t please everybody, look out for red flags (like the ones we mentioned in this article) which indicate that the vendor sometimes isn’t able to ensure customer satisfaction.

Knotz x FunPics

Here at Knotz, we take every effort to ensure that our vendors are curated. We want to give the assurance to all our users that, if we recommend a vendor to you, it’ll be someone whom we trust and has a great track record of quality. We’re doing exactly that by partnering with FunPics as our recommended photobooth vendor.

FunPics photobooth

FunPics have been in the business since 2012, and have amassed a strong following with a 5 out of 5 user rating on Facebook. FunPics are extremely responsive to user enquiries, and have a large team of well-trained staff. In fact, every new staff has to shadow their seniors at several weddings to learn the ropes, before they go out on their own. At every wedding booking, FunPics staff are always on hand to make the photobooth experience more enjoyable for all guests, and this is reflected in their rave reviews online.

FunPics is extending an exclusive promotion to Knotz users. For a limited time, you can get the Boomerang add-on (normally priced at $200) to your wedding photobooth FREE OF CHARGE.

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