“I already do my own make-up every day!”

“I pay so much and still have to wake up early?!”

Have these thoughts crossed your mind while planning you wedding? You’re definitely not alone! Many brides have grappled with these questions, not just for make-up but any other service that seems to have the dreaded ‘wedding markup’.

Although a lot of wedding services may seem expensive, there are some that you shouldn’t skimp on. We take a closer look at hair & make-up with the help of Shino, an experienced make-up artist who will be clarifying some common misconceptions.

Shino at work with one of her brides

Find one that is reliable, not cheap

First of all, the most important thing is to find a reliable professional. This applies not just to make-up, but for any wedding service provider. Imagine the horror if your make-up artist does not show up on the day of your wedding! Or if you end up looking like Ru Hua.

Do your research and see what other brides have said about the make-up artist. If you are really interested in their services, reach out and communicate with them, and maybe arrange a trial session (it comes with a fee!). If you encounter any red flags during this process, for example, cannot click, unresponsive, different style, seems very stubborn etc, then you might need to reconsider your choice.

Engage a makeup artist with a good reputation and good reviews. As an added safeguard, look for one that operates as a registered company.


Daily make-up =/= Bridal make-up

Wedding hair and make-up is a very different matter from daily make-up. Cameras are very unforgiving and every small imperfection can and will be magnified. This means that the MUA will need to pile on the foundation, highlighter, blush, contour even more than usual. Even a “natural” make up look will seem VERY THICK in person. But the camera will make it look more natural. It’s weird, we know.

Unless you’re a MUA yourself, daily make-up might not hold up to all the running around on your big day. On top of that, the many MUAs we’ve spoken to admitted that they would hire someone else to do their bridal make up! And since all eyes (and camera shutters) will be on you, do you want to risk your make-up not being perfect?

Professional MUAs know how to match your hair & make-up look to your wedding gown. The right pair of hands will unveil each individual’s inner beauty, thus bringing out the best of your charisma and personality on your wedding day!

Bridal hair & makeup by Shino

Hair styling very hard meh?

Same goes for hair styling. If you don’t already know, styling your hair for a wedding takes about 1.5 hours and could take even longer depending on the complexity of the style you’ve chosen. The stylist will have to curl, tease, style, and set your hair to prevent it from getting it undone in the middle of the day. At the end of the day, be prepared to go on a scavenger hunt to find all 20 bobby pins hidden in your hair. If you want a perfect bun that will last the entire day, it’s best to trust a professional to do it right! And of course, to do it right takes time, which is why it’s best not to rush your hair & make-up session in the morning. Unfortunately, yes, that might mean sacrificing some of your beauty rest 🙁

This only scratches the surface for bridal hair & make-up. There are so many questions that are left unanswered for the first-time bride and groom. See below for a whole list of questions you might have in mind.

Questions asked by Brides and Grooms

Come hear from the professionals

As part of educating our Knotz users, we will be hosting an intimate dialogue session with wedding veterans, Shino and Andrew Phua. This is a great opportunity to hear insider tips on wedding make-up, photography, and more! The event aims to educate and help couples with the planning of their wedding with a high level of interaction to allow everyone a chance to ask their burning questions. Reserve your spot for this event now!