Firstly, let’s address the first question – Should you get a wedding planner?

To answer this question, first answer these questions below:

  1. Are you and your partner both super crazy busy with work and no time for anything else?
  2. Do you have a wedding budget above $80,000?
  3. Do you have a crazy and elaborate concept/idea on how your wedding will be like?
  4. Do you have over 400 guests?
  5. Do you have $3,000-$5,000 to spare on top of your original wedding budget? (This is the average cost of wedding planner fees)

If the answer is yes to all of the above, then yes, you totally should get a wedding planner. Here are the reasons why:

They are experienced

Wedding planners have years and years of experience in planning weddings. And since most weddings in Singapore have more or less the same format, they have complete knowledge of what the flow and itinerary is like for the wedding and will be able to handle any mishaps on the spot. What might take you weeks and months to plan would only take them 1 hour to do. Problem with how to allocate seating arrangement of your 500 guests? Can’t seat the Tan family with the Lim family because they have bad blood? What about getting all the vendors down to the venue and setting up their equipment or booths? Just leave it to the wedding planners.

They have industry contacts

Wedding planners will ALL have industry contacts for all other wedding services. More importantly, these vendors are trusted vendors whom they have worked with and had a good experience (otherwise why still work with them, right?). This means you don’t have to worry about any major mishaps happening – Like vendors not appearing on that day, or broken equipment, YIKES.

However, the downside to this is that these contacts may actually be more expensive than others you can find out in the market. Mainly because these vendors have relatively higher standards and quality of service compared to the rest (and they don’t need to compete for customers anymore because of partnerships with the wedding planners).

They can help you negotiate and manage your budget

Wedding planners can take charge of managing your wedding budget, which will be a huge relief for those of us who don’t like math. Having done so many weddings and worked with different vendors, they can recommend how much you should spend on each service. The only problem is, most wedding planners are used to working for clients with very deep pockets. So if you’re more budget-conscious, you might find that their recommendations are too pricey.

They have a big team and can manage the little things

Most wedding planners will have a team of staff to help coordinate the proceedings of the actual day. One might be in charge of ushering guests to their seat, one might be at the AV booth, and one might be managing the vendors. Depending on the scale of your wedding (and how much you are paying them), they will allocate the right number of staff to support the logistics of the wedding. This way, all you need to do is to smile, look pretty, and have fun!

Wedding planners sound awesome, but what if I don’t have the money and I only have a guest list less than 400?

Well, lucky for you, there’s Knotz’s Virtual Wedding Planner! Not to toot our own horn, but other than not being able to coordinate you actual wedding, we can do everything else for you – From budgeting, to vendor recommendations, and wedding planning advice. And all these for FREE!

We only work with vendors we like

There are only a few vendors we trust and want to work with. These are the vendors we would usually showcase and recommend in our Virtual Wedding Planner report. Many times when we encounter nasty vendors with questionable work ethics, we will turn down any offer to work with them and find others to work with that we’re comfortable with.

We are cheapo nemos

We believe in value for money. So it is a requirement that all the vendors we work with MUST and WILL provide some sort of additional value to our users. Be it a monetary value like a discount, or a free add on service, we will make sure everything you get from us is a steal that you can never find elsewhere.

Pro-tip! We have ongoing promos to help you save money on everything from venues to car rental, flowers, decor etc! Check out the full list of deals here.

We are experienced

To date, our team has played a part in over 200 weddings! When it comes to budgeting and itinerary planning, we have it all down pat. We’re also familiar with the usual family politics and will be able to give proper advice when the time comes. So feel free to drop us an email or DM us on IG and we’ll help you as much as we can.