Let’s face it, fresh flowers aren’t cheap. But for table centrepieces and key decor elements, we don’t recommend that you try and save money by going artificial. Everyone is going to see those flowers, and they will show up in a lot of your photos (and videos). Luckily, there are some tricks to help you save money on fresh flowers!

Eumori.co is a husband and wife team that aims to offer affordable yet aesthetically pleasing decor. They follow the omakase principle when it comes to fresh flowers – in case you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s a Japanese phrase that roughly translates to “I leave it up to you”. It’s most commonly used in restaurants, where the diners leave it to the chef to pick the dishes that make up their meal. This gives the chef freedom to offer seasonal specialties that highlight the best ingredients which are currently available.

In the same way, Eumori.co chooses fresh flowers for you based on seasonal availability, to suit the theme that you have chosen. That makes it cheaper, and more environmentally friendly too – no one should be shipping flowers halfway around the world if there are better alternatives that can be found closer to home!

bridal bouquet from Eumori.co
Medium-sized bridal bouquet

Eumori.co offers different floral services and packages to suit different requirements, so you’re never paying more for what you don’t need. Just want a simple bridal bouquet? That’ll be $78. Wanna go bigger and get one each for your whole squad? Their package for a medium-sized bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaids’ bouquets, and grooms’ boutonniere costs $278. Solemnisation decor packages start from as little as $199. They also offer beautiful flower arches ($399 standalone, or part of a $599 solemnisation package).

Solemnisation decor package
Solemnisation decor package

If you’re looking to add some personalised touches to your wedding reception, Eumori.co has got you covered with reception table styling, custom handwritten chalkboard sign, vow books, and custom calligraphy & watercolour floral designs. You can also arrange for their flower bar service ($499) so that your guests can put together their own little bouquet as a memento.

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