There’s no need to panic, and we don’t encourage people to huddle in their doomsday bunker bomb shelter surrounded by instant noodles and toilet paper. But if you’re re-thinking your plans for 14 Feb and taking steps to avoid crowded areas, here are a few ideas for couple activities you can do at home this Valentine’s Day!

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1. Cook your own meal

Cost of a romantic steak dinner for two at a fancy restaurant: $$$
So why not make your own? The same steak from a gourmet butcher can cost as little as $10, and if you have good beef, all you need is salt, pepper, and heat. Add some sauteed vegetables as a side, and you have a complete meal to impress!

For those who don’t eat beef, or are daunted by the prospect of cooking steak at home, you could consider salmon as your star protein instead.

Why you should do this: for the pure satisfaction of saving $100 on that steak dinner, and no need to worry about catching germs from other diners/waiters/cooks.

2. Bake some sweet treats

A great couple activity for any time of year is to take on a dessert project. Think chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or chocolate truffles. This is one of those times where movie cliches can actually come true – getting both your hands dirty, smearing cookie dough on each other’s faces, etc. (but please don’t eat raw cookie dough ok? Even if the Corona virus doesn’t kill you, salmonella will – Knotz team)

Why you should do this: as long as you follow the recipe, the results are usually delicious even if they don’t turn out exactly as intended (e.g. brownies that turned out more cake-like instead of fudgy, or cookies that had the texture of brownies – still tasty!).

3. DIY terrarium

For the less culinary-inclined, terrariums are another great hands-on activity that you can take on as a couple. Many shopping malls have shops that sell terrarium supplies, and they’ll also give you some tips and advice on what to do (important if it’s your first time).

Why you should do this: terrariums require very little maintenance, so every time you look at it, you’ll remember the lovely time you spent working on it together.

4. Netflix and chill – Gold Class

Yep, cuddle up and watch TV – but since it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re going to make it fancy. The possibilities are endless – you could indulge in expensive popcorn/snacks, maybe mix your own cocktails (and play a drinking game during the movie!), and of course, pick a sappy romantic movie for the occasion.

Why you should do this: it’s cheap and convenient, duh.

5. Make your own flower bouquet

For the guys out there – imagine how impressed your lady will be, if you present her with a bouquet that YOU PUT TOGETHER YOURSELF! It’s much more meaningful, and cheaper than a florist bouquet too!

This also makes for a great couple activity, and who knows, if both of you enjoy it then it could become a regular thing – putting together flower arrangements for your home, or as gifts for others.

Why you should do this: it’s cheaper, more personal, and teaches you a new skill. What more do you want?

$88 Flower Bouquet Arrangement Crash Course

We’re organising a flower arrangement crash course where you will learn how to arrange flowers in a presentable way for your loved one. And you get to take them back too!

For only $88/person, or $128/couple – 1 bouquet per pax/couple, you will be provided with:

– Basic lesson on floral arrangement
– Tools and craft items such as twine and wrapping paper
– and of course, FLOWERS!

Each bouquet will be allowed up to 5 main flowers (such as roses, sunflowers etc.) For couples coming together, you will be entitled to 8 main flowers per bouquet!

To help you stay safe and healthy, we will also be providing 1 bottle of sanitising alcohol per pax.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the high cost of flowers, we require a minimum of 10 pax to each session to start. We will send you a confirmation of your booking once the minimum number of pax has been filled.


14 Feb 2020

15 Feb 2020

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