If you’re looking to score some great bargains for your wedding attire, then we’ve got the deal of the decade for you. We got hold of the inventory from a bridal studio that closed down, and we’re letting it all go at fire sale prices. Prices start at just $5. Yes, you read that right. $5 nowadays can hardly buy you a bowl of noodles at the food court. But come to this clearance sale and $5 can get you a waistcoat. Top up another $15 for a suit jacket, and you’ll be looking pretty sharp. Get one for your dad while you’re at it, and all your groomsmen too! Cheaper than buying from Taobao!

Here’s what you can expect (cash payment only):
Wedding gowns $80-150
Evening gowns $50-140
Bridesmaid dresses $30-80
Mother’s gowns $40-$100
Men’s vests, jackets and pants $5-25

For the brides, here’s a sample of the gowns that we’re liquidating. Don’t say bo jio – RSVP now!!

This pink gown would be perfect for a pastel-themed wedding reception
This turquoise satin gown has been thoroughly cleaned and is still in excellent condition!
Looking for a gown for your romantic pre-wedding shoot? This might be just the one!

This one-day sale happens on Thursday 20 Feb, 6.30-10pm.

RSVP here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this sale be extended?
Unfortunately not, the landlord is in a hurry to clear out the premises. This is strictly a one-day sale on Thursday 20 Feb only.

What payment modes are accepted?
Cash only, as the shop no longer has a card terminal.

Can I try on the gowns?
Yes! There are 2 changing rooms and plenty of mirrors in the common area. We would advise you to dress light, so that you can slip in and out easily if you are trying on gowns.

What types of gowns are being sold?
Due to the large amount of dresses, we are unable to list or photograph every single one. There’s at least 50 gowns in different silhouettes and colours, so do come down and have a look for yourself.

What are the sizes available?
Mostly standard sizes, but generally the gowns can be altered to the desired size and fit. Contact us if you need recommendations for alteration services.