Did you know that we remember 35% of what we smell and only 5% of what we see? Scents have a powerful ability to trigger emotions and memory. The smell of a familiar dish might take you straight back to your childhood years, and a welcoming fragrance helps to set the mood when you walk into a spa or hotel.

With that in mind, perfume industry veteran Johanna Monange founded Maison21G, which offers a multi-sensorial perfume creation experience. They’ll take you on a journey that lets you discover your scent identity based on your nature, your personality, your mood and the message you want your scent to represent.

Why the name Maison21G? People believe that the human soul weighs 21g, hence Maison 21G encapsulates the scent of your soul in a 21-gram perfume. 21% is also the level of natural concentrate used in all their perfumes.

Intimate Scent Workshops

Looking for a unique hands-on experience for your hen’s night or with your partner? Maison21G conducts workshops where you can learn about the history and process of perfumery. You’ll then have full access to the maison’s collection of scent extracts, ranging from earthy sage to smoky tobacco (and even cannabis) and everything in-between. A maison expert will guide you through the process of selecting and blending your very own perfume.

If you’d prefer to create your own special scent with your partner, Maison21G also conducts couples’ sessions at $290/couple. You can also commission your own series of perfumes to give away as wedding favours or gifts for your wedding party. Visit Maison21G.com for more details.

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