Do you know what’s the worst part of planning a wedding? The guest list. Yes, it’s probably the only day where your parents can invite 200 people you don’t even know to attend the biggest day of your life. And if your parents are planning to do just that, imagine the horror of having to collect RSVPs for all 200 banquet dinner guests and remember their +1s (or kids), dietary requirements, baby chair etc… Some of these people won’t respond immediately, so you need to keep track of the responses, and remind those who keep ‘forgetting’ to respond. Super sian, right? And that’s on top of all the other things you need to plan for your big day.

We have a solution for you

JUST LAUNCHED! We’ve just rolled out an RSVP function as part of our Knotz platform, and we’ve made it so easy that even your older relatives will be able to RSVP online!

We swear, even the most aunty and non-tech savvy ah pek will know how to use it. As long as they know how to use WhatsApp to send “Good Morning” messages and Fake News, they will know how to use our RSVP function.

How to use this function

Step 1: Register a free account and click on the Manage RSVP tab

RSVP tool

You can access the RSVP function from the top menu bar of Currently this is only available in desktop view, but once you’ve created your wedding RSVP page, all your guests will be able to view that page from any device including mobile.

Step 2: Create your unique URL and fill in your Wedding Information

Start by filling in the essential details. The Slug refers to the URL that will be generated for your RSVP page, e.g.
You can just put your names here, but feel free to get creative!

The Wedding Title is what will appear when guests go to your RSVP page (see the later screenshot). If you’re collecting RSVPs for a specific part of your wedding celebrations, e.g. a church wedding or banquet dinner, you can specify this in your title.

Upload a photo of yourselves! This would be a great opportunity to show your favourite photo from your pre-wedding shoot. Otherwise, a nice selfie or holiday photo would work perfectly too.

In the description box, you can put in more essential info for your guests, such as the agenda, dress code, and other important instructions.

Once that’s done, click the Save button and you can start collecting RSVPs!

Step 3: Collect RSVPs with URL

Here’s what your RSVP page looks like, with your photo, wedding title and description. The URL at the top of the page (and in the bottom right pop-up) is what you should send to all your friends and relatives. When they click on it, they’ll arrive at this page.

This RSVP page is a live example (for a fictional couple), you can check it out for yourself:

What does the page look like for my guests?

When your guests click on the RSVP button, here’s what they’ll see:

Where do I check my RSVP-ed guest list?

All the RSVPs you’ve collected will be displayed in a table which you can access through either of these two ways:

Hover over ‘Manage RSVP’ at the top menu bar, and click on ‘Manage Guest List’
Or click the list button on the left, if you are on the Create/Edit RSVP page. You can also change or add your wedding details here.

And here’s how the RSVP list looks:

We’ve also put in an Excel export function, so you can edit the data and even use it to help with your table allocations. Doesn’t that make life a lot simpler?

If you have any questions about the RSVP function or face any technical difficulties, get in touch with us by emailing

This feature is only available to Knotz registered users, so if you don’t have an account yet, click the link below to create one. It’s free!

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