Ask any newlywed couples about their wedding day, and most will tell you that it all passed by in a flash. A big reason for that is, weddings in Singapore are typically very hectic affairs. It starts early in the morning with the gatecrash, then paying respects to both sets of elders, and a banquet or reception with hundreds of guests. At the end of it, what will you actually remember or take away with you?

Other than the memories, it’s really the photos and videos from the day that you will cherish the most. We’ve previously written about why it’s important to allocate sufficient budget for a good wedding photographer. The same goes for videography! Imagine having an inexperienced videographer who misses key moments, or worse, gets in the way of important shots?

We’ve partnered with a team of experienced videographers at Unveil Production. For all actual day wedding bookings, Unveil Production sends a team of two to cover the proceedings. That gives you double the assurance that they will capture all the key moments of the day.

What’s more, they also have a policy of having two meetings with you before the wedding. The first meeting would usually be to talk about requirements, date, pricing, etc. The second meeting is for Unveil’s team to understand the detailed sequence of events on that day, as well as to get to know the couple better. This will help them deliver the most natural shots that genuinely capture the both of you!

Two Exclusive Perks for Knotz Users


We’ve got two great promos for Unveil Production. If you engage them for any of their videography services, you’ll get $100 cashback from us! Packages range from $1,298 to $2,500. Contact us for more info.

Free video montage for pre-wedding shoot

Recent travel restrictions have affected many couples’ plans to do overseas pre-wedding shoots. If you decide to book a local pre-wedding shoot with one of Knotz’s photography partners, Unveil Productions will offer a complimentary save-the-date video montage add-on. Click here to read more about this offer!

These offers are only for Knotz registered users, so sign up for a free account if you haven’t already!

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