Wedding packages used to be the norm in decades gone by. It’s easy to see why – they offer a convenient one-stop solution to settle all your wedding needs. And in the competitive wedding market, package prices can be very attractive.

However, in recent years, couples have become more savvy and aware of the downsides of package deals. By committing to get everything from one bridal studio, you are limited to their choices of gowns, photographers, makeup artists, etc. And there are plenty of cases where the standards did not live up to expectations.

In the wake of Covid-19, wedding vendors are now facing even greater scrutiny. Many couples have told us that they are afraid to sign and pay deposits to vendors, because they are unsure if the business will still be around next year.

The Knotz Guarantee – Protecting Your Deposit

The Knotz guarantee, to keep your deposits safe
Keeping your money safe

We’ve found a way to solve this dilemma. We’re introducing Knotz Bundles – a hybrid of package and a la carte that combines the best of both worlds. Here’s how it works:

  • Pick a Knotz Bundle that suits your requirements
  • Pay us a 50% deposit
  • We pay the deposits to vendors that you select
  • If any vendor is unable to fulfill its obligations (e.g. it closes down), your deposit won’t be forfeited. We’ll honour the deposit and let you choose another of our partner vendors with no penalty.

Here’s the best part – we’ve sweet talked our partners into offering really attractive rates. So no matter what bundle or combination you choose, you’ll always be paying heavily discounted prices!

The Knotz Bundles

We’ve come up with a whole range of bundle combinations you can choose from. They range from bao ka liao comprehensive bundles, to a pick-and-choose approach where you can just get any 3 services from our partners. It’s all about giving you flexibility.

Here are some of the bundle combinations we’ve put together:

Strictly ROM

Intimate solemnisations at The Blue Ginger
Intimate weddings at The Blue Ginger

Large scale weddings may not be permitted again for a while. But the good news is, you can still hold a lovely intimate ceremony with your nearest and dearest! This bundle features a 50-pax lunch reception at The Blue Ginger, inclusive of solemnisation setup and customised wedding decor at $5,888 nett. With a small top up, you also get a comprehensive package of gown, suit, makeup, flowers, and photographer – all for just $7,738 nett (U.P. $7,178).

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White Rabbit Hole

White Rabbit Hole

UPDATE 3 August 2020 for White Rabbit Hole: We have now increased the number of pax to 35 according to Government Safe Distancing Guidelines

We’ve gotten so much positive feedback on this venue that we decided to roll out a bundle for it. You get 3+1 hours of exclusive venue usage with decor, furnishing and A/V equipment, and a full reception for 35 guests catered by Manna Pot – for an all-in price of $3,535 nett.

For the full bundle, we roped in a photographer for 2 hours’ coverage, and a really attractive price from Blooming Bride on a bundle for gown + suit rental, 1 bouquet and corsage. It’s everything you need for a small 35 pax wedding – and it’s going for $5,708 nett (U.P. $6,295).

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“I Got Budget”

Having an awesome wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. We’ve got you covered with all the things you need for your actual day – gown, suit, kua, makeup, flowers, and 8 hours photography from a great selection of experienced wedding photographers. Most bridal studios would charge at least $4-5K for this, but we’ve managed to get it all for you at only $3,600 (U.P.$4,818).

The Entertainer

Party with your bridal squad before or after the wedding with a FREE FLOW package at Ginett (free one night stay at Hotel G next door for you to crash), your choice of unique hen’s night activities for 5 pax, an emcee for your actual day + your choice of photobooth/flower bar/coffee cart. This $4,800 (U.P.$6,130) bundle includes bridal essentials and also a fun bridal jumpsuit rental option, so you can dance and party in comfort!


Enzoani designer gown from Kelly's Bridals
Enzoani designer gowns, available at Kelly’s Bridals

It’s once in a lifetime so go big or go home, right? This premium bundle gets you designer gowns (or bespoke), tailored suit, premium imported kua, makeup, and flowers. For photography, you get both pre-wedding and actual day shoots – and our selection includes some of Singapore’s most well-known photographers! This is a great value comprehensive package at $7,850 ($9,618).

The Salad Bar

You want flexibility? We hear you. Pick and create your own bundle and pay only for what you need, even if it’s as little as 3 items (e.g. 1 gown, suit rental, kua). You’ll still get the same low prices, and our guarantee to safeguard your deposit.

Salad Bar v1 is a starter bundle of gown, kua and suit rental, with flowers and makeup. You can add on other services as needed.

Salad Bar v2 is completely a la carte – you’re free to pick any 3 (or more) services.

I’m Interested! Where can I register?

Click here for our sign-up form.

Once we’ve confirmed your bundle selection, we’ll send you an invoice for the initial 50% deposit. You can then choose which of our partners you want (for your gown, photographer, etc), and we’ll pay the respective deposits to confirm your booking with them.


What’s the difference between this and a bridal studio package?

Bridal studios have a limited selection of photographers and makeup artists that you can choose from. In fact, some might just assign one to you without giving you a choice. With the Knotz Bundle, you can choose from our range of partnered vendors for each service. In the bundle PDFs, we’ve provided links to their website/IG, so you can research them all and pick the one that suits your style!

Also, we’ve seen situations where couples paid for packages with a bridal studio that suddenly closed down. When that happens, it’s usually impossible for a couple to get their deposits back, and any services they paid for will remain unfulfilled. With Knotz Bundles, we provide an additional safeguard – in the unlikely event our partners are unable to fulfill the services you paid for, we’ll help you find another partner to take over the job for you. As long as it’s like-for-like (i.e. same service and/or same dollar value), there will be no additional cost to you.

Who am I signing the package with? Is it with Knotz or with the individual vendors?

It’s actually both. The master agreement is with Knotz, and that’s what gives you the protection in case your selected vendor is unable to deliver. But to put it very simply, we’re just paying the vendors on your behalf. And in some cases, the vendors will sign an additional agreement with you, so you can rest assured that you also have a direct contractual arrangement with the vendor(s).

What if Knotz runs into bad times? What happens to the guarantee then?

We’re a very lean startup with minimal overheads, and we have investors backing us. We keep our running costs low (that helps us pass on more savings to you), and we will make sure that we continue sticking around to fulfill our duty to you, our users!

Can I meet or visit the vendors before making a decision?

Of course! Knotz Bundles are here to stay, so there’s no hurry to make your decision. Do take your time to research the vendors, and have a meeting or Zoom chat with them if you have to. In fact, we often encourage couples to meet key vendors like photographers, to make sure you have good chemistry with them.

Are trial sessions and surcharges included for makeup & hair?

Our pricing is based on a “per look” basis from the makeup artists. That means you’re free to book them for ROM, pre-wedding, or actual day lunch/dinner. Trial session is an optional add-on, and additional charges may apply for early morning, etc. If you need a whole day booking or multiple looks, this will be charged according to the number of looks required.

Can I approach a vendor directly to book them?

Yes, but you won’t get the added protection of our Knotz guarantee. Also, we’ve negotiated preferential rates with all our vendors, so you probably won’t get a better rate by going to them directly.

How long are the bundles/prices valid for?

Knotz Bundles will be a permanent feature, although we may revise the offerings and prices every couple of months.

When you purchase a bundle, you’ll be asked to specify your wedding date. The price of the bundle will be locked in for you, as long as you don’t change your wedding date.

Can I change vendors or bundles after paying?

After you make payment to Knotz for your bundle purchase, we then pay the vendors on your behalf. This locks in the arrangement, and changing your vendor after payment has been made may incur penalties (unless the change is due to extraordinary circumstances).

Changing to another bundle may be possible, if the new bundle uses the same vendors who have already been paid.

Will there be any add-on charges?

Our pricing is fully transparent, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. In some cases, you may have other add-ons like a makeup trial or other optional services which are not included in the bundle. These can be arranged and paid directly to the vendor.

Can I request for other vendors to be part of the bundles?

We vet all the partners that we work with (for quality and reliability), and our close relationship with them allows us to get better prices for you. However, if you know a really awesome wedding vendor that you think we should work with, do get in touch with us!

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