We know, it sucks to hold a wedding now during a pandemic. And there are a TON of rules and regulations that you need to adhere to. We’ve also given so much advice to our couples over the last 3-4 months that we literally know the Covid-19 wedding rule book at the back of our hand. So if you hate reading that 20 pager document and you have questions about the Covid-19 regulations, here are some of our most frequently asked questions and we made it so that it’s understandable and in bite size portions.

What is a “reception”?

To put it in Singaporean terms, a reception is what we would commonly know as a “BANQUET”. You know, the one where people sit at round tables and have their 8-course meals? That is a reception.

Can I have meals after my solemnisation?

No. You cannot serve meals BEFORE and AFTER the solemnisation. UNLESS! You have a reception (READ: BANQUET) immediately after your solemnisation. This applies to tea ceremony as well. Your tea ceremony will have to happen after the solemnisation (before the reception) or during your reception.

What is “Bridal Party”?

Your bridal party is your very exclusive group of guests whom you can mingle around with. Only 20 INCLUDING the bride and groom will be in this group of 20. Generally you will pick close friends (bridesmaid/groomsmen) or immediate family. Please not that this group is NOT ALLOWED to mingle with other guests.

How many guests can I have in my wedding? Updated – 4 May 2021

The answer is simple – 250 pax MAXIMUM cap. Be it 2 sessions, 1 session, 2 zones, etc. It will NEED to be 250 pax max. No such thing as 300 pax 3 sessions, or 65 pax per zone. Your maximum cap should always be 250pax. Do note that there will be PET required. Read PART 3 for more details.

Is live music allowed?

Yes. But ONLY for solemnisation. And only instrumental music. Like a piano+guitar, violin quartet, guitar soloist. No WIND instrument because wind……blowing….spit…. equals to Covid. And DEFINITELY NO LIVE SINGING. Note that live music is also not allowed for receptions (read: banquet) because ah kong is worried that it might be too loud and ppl will have to raise their voice and spit more = higher chance of spreading covid.

What kind of activities is allowed for my wedding? If not very boring sia, just eat and go home only.

Any activities that does not involved loud noises like singing, cheering, yam sengs, and physical movement that causes intermingling are generally ok. So think about fun speeches you can make, or table activities where you can make your guests write funny things (using technology like kahoot) like “tips to a good marriage”, “ideas for date night”, or “questions for the couple” and then publicly read it out on stage for a fun filled night that minimises any form of interaction.

Can I have an emcee?

Yes you can. If you are hiring a professional emcee, they will not be part of your 100 pax headcount as they are considered as vendors. However, if you’re getting a friend to be your emcee, this friend will need to be part of your bridal party as the role requires them to interact with the couple (you) and vendors.

If I want to engage a caterer, can I do it?

Yes! But there are rules! Firstly, everything needs to be individually plated. What does this mean leh? This means your caterer will need to be at the buffet line and put the food on the plate and serve it to you and your guests in an organised way. Your guests are not allowed to walk around, and they are not allowed to go to the buffet line at any point in time.

Anymore questions?

Drop us a DM or comment below what other questions you may have about holding a wedding during this turbulent time. We will do a part 2 with some of your BURNING questions!