We’ve had so much success in our first chapter of the Covid-19 Wedding Playbook that we just had to do a second one!

To start off, let’s address the T&Cs of the latest regulation – 250 pax wedding.

How does the new 250 pax wedding affect me? Update – 4 May 2021

There will be swabs up your nose or a needle in your arm.

For Wedding Receptions (Read: Dinner/lunch banquets), any guestlist above 50 pax will require EVERYONE to either go for vaccination or do a swab test.

For Solemnisations more than 50 pax (NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED HOR), only the bride and groom will have to get vaccinated or do a swab test.

For Solemnisation + Reception more than 50 pax (read: finish solemnisation in hotel liao then head to ballroom to makan), EVERYONE will need to go for vaccination or do a swab test.

But hor, where can I do the swab test? And how much does it cost?

Rapid test kits can be done at MOH approved test providers in this link here. Cost ranges from $40-$50. But do NOTE that your guests will need to do the test at least 24 hrs before the event. So don’t do it 1 week before and then assume you’re good to go.

Everyone will be in zones of 50 pax

To explain to simply:
1) 50 pax per zone (read: zone = 3m distance with Q poles, or floor to ceiling partitions, or rooms separated by a door.)
2) 8 pax per table
3) Tables are spaced 1m away from each other

So am I allowed to see my guests in all the zones?

As the bride and groom, yes. You may enter the zones BRIEFLY to take pictures (1m away from the rest of your guests). However, no one else will be allowed to move in between zones other than you, your partner, and the photographer/videographer.

When am I allowed to remove my face mask?

Masks should be worn at all times. However, there are short instances where you’re allowed to remove your masks. For example: Exchanging of vows, rings, to kiss and during march-ins/outs, and photo taking.

Do I need to report my guestlist?What’s the process like?

You will need to provide your solemniser with a list of ALL YOUR GUESTS present in the solemnisation, and indicate who are part of the 20 pax bridal party. Sometimes they will also ask for seating arrangement as well to make sure that everyone has an assigned seat. It would also be good practice to provide your venue with the guestlist in case *touchwood* someone really kena.

Are my photographers and videographer and MUA (make up artist) considered as part of the guestlist?

No they are not. Only your invited guests who are assigned a seat will be counted.

Are babies counted as part of the headcount in the guestlist?

Yes, babies are. As long as they have the potential to cough and spread the virus, they are counted as a guest.

What’s the difference between Guest list and Food list?

Some restaurants/hotels/venues don’t charge the per pax dining cost for children under a certain age. This is a food list.

Basically, WILL YOU EAT EVERYTHING ON THE TABLE OR NOT? If the answer is yes, then it’s chargeable, if it’s a 4 year old nibbling on parent’s food, then no, it is not counted.

Food list: Will your child be eating the entire meal?
Guest list: Every breathing human counts

Anymore questions?

Drop us a DM or comment below what other questions you may have about holding a wedding during this turbulent time. We will do a part 3 with more of your BURNING questions!