Singapore only has 2 weathers – Hot, and wet. If it’s not blistering hot, it’s raining. And if you were planning to go on a picnic date with your GF/BF/Fiance/Fiancee, you need to tahan the super hot sun, damp grass and occasional showers. But WHAT IF there’s a perfect solution to that?

Garden Party Picnic Pop – Up @ The Secret Patio from 4 Sept – 12 Sept 2021

Yasssss, that’s right! The Secret Patio is hosting their very first Garden Party Picnic Pop-Up event to the public! Of course, it’s still Covid period so everything is on by reservation only, and limited to only 50 pax per time slot of 1.5 hrs.

What can you expect from this Pop-Up event?

LOTS AND LOTS OF FLOWERS!!! Like a picnic in Europe, you will be sitting on the ground, with fluff cushions, chic throws, surrounded by hedges and hedges of flowers and foliage. Picnic must-haves like sandwiches, finger food, and most importantly, MIMOSAS and afternoon cocktails will be available for that super instagramable moment.

To make it more fun, there is an interactive element where you can pick and choose flowers from the flower bar and add them to your very own cone basket to take home!

How much does it cost?

As low as just $28! And that comes with $10 food credit as well. See below for the full admission options:

$28/pax ($10 food credits)
$35/pax ($10 food credits & 1 non-alcoholic drink)
$45/pax ($10 food credit & 1 alcoholic drink)
$80/pax ($10 food credit & UNLIMITED house pours)

I’m SOLD, where do I register?

Simply head over to The Secret Patio’s website and RSVP your interest! Slots are limited so book yours now!