And that includes everything you need, not just a venue.

In the olden days when Corona was just a bottle of beer you drank with a slice of lemon, weddings had 300-400 pax, with a whooping bill up to $50,000 on average. Today, with the new regulations, we see couples going for smaller, more intimate weddings whilst also tightening wallets for rainy days and BTOs.

We’ve also been getting more feedback from our followers on how to further save money on other complementary services. Spoiler alert, you can get all these done within a $10,000 budget – FRILLS INCLUDED! So let’s get started, shall we?


First things first, it’s ALWAYS the venue. It’s also the one that take up 50%-60% of your entire budget. If you’re looking for a 50 pax wedding, you should keep your venue budget within the $120/pax-$135/pax NETT range. Always be careful of the ++ cuz they will sneak up on you.

50 pax, $120/pax = $6,000
50 pax, $135/pax = $6,750

We have many venue partnerships that are $7,000 and below! Head over to our website for our entire list of venue partnerships and bundle deals.

Photographers & Videographers

Regardless of the situation, you will always need a photographer and videographer. Photographer is a must-have, videographer is a nice-to-have if you have the spare cash. A good and reputable photographer will set you back ~ $220-$280/hr while a videographer will cost ~$300-$350/hour. But here’s the thing, if you’re planning to just have a simple solemnisation with a reception, you don’t need to engage them for the full 8-10 hours, a simple 4 hour will be sufficient to capture all the good memories.

4 hours photography = $220 X 4 = $880

Spoiler Alert! Our partnering photographers and videographers have given us some AH-MAZING rates, many of which are below $220/hr! Keep reading to see how we’ve bundled them up!

Gown & Suit

Another wedding must-have is a gown and suit. Unless you’re getting a simple white dress from TaoBao (absolutely nothing wrong with that but do watch our ASK-ing video on taobao gowns for tips for buying gowns online), many of us ladies would want to get all dolled up in a beautiful gown next to our dapper husband in a suit. So how much would that cost?

To keep it simple, the prices start from $600 for the most basic gown that you can possible find in a boutique to $6,000 *gasp* for an international label designer gown such as Galia Lahav and Berta. Suit rental are between $200-$300 depending on the boutique you go to. Don’t forget there might also be alteration and dry cleaning cost added to that too! Always ask before you sign.

On average, if you want good, high quality gowns that are unique, expect to spend ~$1,500 for the gown rental and an additional $200 for the suit.

Additional gowns and cheong sams will start from $500 each.

1 Gown + 1 Suit + misc charges = $1500+$200 =$1,700

Spoiler Alert! We work with Blooming Bride where they have fantastic international designer label gowns at crazy exclusive prices exclusive to Knotz customers. Keep reading to see how we’ve bundled them up!

Hair & Make Up

Hair and make up is another very important part of your wedding. There is absolutely no way you can spend $880 on a photographer, $600 on a gown, and then wear no make up on your wedding day. On average, hair and make up will cost you $300-$400 PER LOOK and this will take an average of 2-3 hours for the make up artist to complete. Do note that this does not include trial and other surcharges such as early morning surcharge (before 7am) and transport charge (if in Sentosa or Tuas). Trials are usually 20%-25% cheaper from the original price so if it’s $300/look, your trial price will be ~$250.

1 ROM make up look + 1 trial = $550


Personal bouquets and the groom’s boutonniere ranges from $150-$300 depending on the following variables:

1) Big bouquet VS Smaller bouquet
2) Customisation VS Catalogue
3) Exotic flowers VS common flowers
4) Seasonality of the flowers

If you’re not picky, you can easily get a bouquet for $150 with delivery to your doorstep. But if you’re looking to customise the entire bouquet and you want a cascading one with peonies and lily of the valley, then definitely expect to spend $300 upwards for the bouquet.

1 bouquet + 1 boutonniere = $150

Live streaming

Given that you are now unable to invite you whole kampong due to Covid restrictions, you now need to also consider live streaming. In the past when live streaming was still an untapped market, it was only $250-$300 for a 1hr live streaming. But today, prices have gone up and you can now expect to pay $500-$700 for live streaming to various platforms.

Live streaming = $500

Total cost for all of the above

Venue – $6,000
Photographer – $880
Gown & Suit – $1,700
Hair & Make up – $550
Flowers – $150
Live streaming – $500

TOTAL: $9,680

And there you have it, just $9,680 with $320 to spare to maybe do a casual pre-wed shoot or something. But as you can see, it’s very very achievable and if you’re interested, here at Knotz, we have something special for you.

All-inclusive bundles

If you haven’t found a venue yet, head over to our website or Instagram to see the venues we work with. Majority of the venues we work with are within the $120-$135/ pax NETT price range and some of them are unique and quaint. Like The Blue Ginger with its Award winning Peranakan cuisine and gorgeous interior, or The Secret Patio with its iconic cathedral dome ceilings and windows. If you’re looking for more ballroom style banquets to please the parents, we also work with Parkroyal (kitchener), Orchid Country Club, NTUC, and Furama hotel just to name a few.

On top of the venues, our bundles also include something called ALL-INCLUSIVE bundle where we add our partnering vendors’ services into the equation to increase savings! You can save up to $1,500 by purchasing an all-inclusive bundle from Knotz. And even better, you get to choose who you want as your photographer and Make up artist! Unlike bridal boutiques that assign a photographer or MUA to you, we will send you a list of our partnering photographers and MUAs, along with their portfolio, and you get to choose your favourite one (subject to their availability of course).

What if I’ve already found a venue? But I want to have your all-inclusive bundle?

Yes, you still can do it! It will just be slightly more expensive if you do not purchase from an existing bundle. But the price will not be SOOOOO significant. For just $2,700 (U.P. $3,100) you will get:

1) 1 gown + 1 suit from Blooming Bride or Luna Bianca (inclusive of alteration and dry cleaning)
2) 4 hours photography from a list of our partnering photographers
3) 1 Make up and hair look from a list of our partnering MUAs
4) 1 bouquet + 1 boutonniere (medium sized, semi-customisable)

Bottom line, it is possible to have a great wedding without compromising on quality. Feel free to contact us at to talk to us. Advice is free and we don’t bite!